Turbo Sliders

Turbo Sliders is a 2D multiplayer racing game with top-down perspective.
You can play it offline or online with up to 20 players. It also allows you to create your own tracks, cars, competitions and much more.

Download the game, join the community and compete against your opponents in single races or organized competitionsYou should also follow us on Facebook or chat with us on Discord.

Full Contact Championship - Season 2 starts next Sunday!

Yes, you see it corectly - Second season of Full Contact Championship tournament will start next Sunday already! Let's make it massive again!
Read all the info about it HERE!


The new site is finally online!
With your support we will improve it with information for newcomers and new features.

Log in and run to set your in-game nicknames in order to match the results of the cups to your account!
Join a team, look at the tournaments and join the forum!

We are now working to develop an automatic tournament based on the famous Weekly Hot Lap Competition by Tijny.

Welcome aboard!


The new website is ready!

Thanks to the work of stummihouse and Whiplash the first version of the new website is ready!

The main features, as well as an improved template from the perspective of graphics and usability with modern devices, are the ability to easily create and manage tournaments, and the option to relate a website account to the respective nicknames used in-game (look at example).


Forum connected!

Finally we connected the new site with the forum!

If you are already subscribed to the old site, please log in now with the same username and password!
If you have any trouble or if you have suggestions, join the forum!

Now we can continue to work on the new site, but keeping the old dear forum!


Work begins on the new site!

Turbo Sliders

Drupal just installed. Welcome to the new Turbo Sliders website!