AI Lap Improver

Main Features:
Adjusting AI lines to be safer(mostly corner exits) so that bots don't drive outside so often. Doesn't fix human errors from lap, like driving offroad or hitting obstacles so only use Lap Improver with "clean" laps(corner cutting should be ok, at least in theory). Also remember that final time that program gives out is just a target, bots won't be able to reach that.

Improving AI lines for some corners if it is possible to do(safely). Doesn't do that much for very good laps but average ones usually benefit.

Saving AI points every 0.1 sec instead of default 0.2 sec. I am pretty sure this improves bot driving at least a bit. Takes twice as much disk space but should be worth it.

SUPERLAP. After finishing with all other (selected) laps, if this option is checked Lap Improver combines best parts of those laps to SUPERLAP. Doesn't guarantee best time because combatilibity and other issues with different laps but usually gives at least second fastest time.

Possibility to save driving line to png image so you can compare original line with improved one.


- When creating AI lines for track always remember to finish all laps on same side of the road. Otherwise bots might slow down heavily when they change laps and that ruins their lap time.

- Lap Improver reads "" files only and it exports laps to "trackname.lap.fix" file so remember to change filename to correct one before trying new lines.

- Creating laps can be quite slow depending of your processor speed. Max laps per car/track is 50 but you probably shouldn't start running with that many. (Lap processing can't be stopped midway. That could be one of the improvements for later...)