Fairplay rules for online races

In this page you find the main rules you have to respect when playing in the Community Servers.
Please apply these rules every time you play there, even if others aren't respecting them fully (getting a revenge isn't a good reason to break rules -> ban).

- if you break some rule, you will be warned *ONE* time only, then you get a kick/ban
- administrators can decide to ban you just for one cup, for some time, or forever (if a long ban is assigned, it will be reported on the forum)

Racing Behavior at Start
- DO NOT start driving backwards
- DO NOT brake in order to block the car behind you and get extra speed
- If your start-speed is lower than the car behind you, keep your starting line and don't "close the door" to the car behind you
- DO NOT zigzag in order to get more speed (by getting pushed by other cars)

Racing Behavior at 1st Curve
- Keep your line (if you are outside, stay outside! DO NOT "close the door" if a car is inside - if you are inside, consider that you've to drive the whole curve inside because you have a car outside)
- DO NOT push other cars
- Try to avoid contacts with other cars

Racing Behavior - Overtaking attempts
- If the car behind you is trying to attack you inside/outside, take the opposite line: DO NOT "close the door" in the middle of the curve -> if you want to protect yourself inside, for example, just take the inside line in the straight before the curve (F1 style)
- Try to avoid contacts while being overtaken/overtaking (a clean overtaking is much more fun than a rough one ;))
- Always remember that if you take the inside/outside line, you can't change to outside/inside in the middle of the curve: leave some space to your opponent if you are very close
- Do NOT try to get more speed by zigzaging in curves/straights
- Do NOT change your line from outside to inside (and vice-versa) if that means a contact which gives you more speed. That's considered blocking.

Racing Behavior - Crashes
- If you crash/get a slowdown due to your own mistake/lag, and some other player is penalized by that (e.g. he crashes into you), you should consider to let him pass.
- If you crash/get a slowdown but you don't penalize any other player by doing that, consider that you need some time in order to get back your speed: if some player comes with higher speed than you, give him a chance to pass you without contacts -> DO NOT try to block him in order to get more speed
- If many players crash into you after your own crash, it's totally up to you deciding if to let anyone pass.

Racing Behavior - Fairplay
- if you have to let pass someone, DO NOT slowdown in a straight if you have many players around you -> better taking outside line to the next curve

Racing Behavior - Quitting the race
- DO NOT quit the race at last lap, if possible: that's pretty boring for other players (they have to wait up to 1 minute and 30 seconds if you do that)
- if you really have to quit the race, please park your car to the grass outside the track

Racing Behavior - Pit Stops
- DO NOT push other players in pit stops; slow down in order to avoid that

Racing Behavior - Leaders & backmarkers
- if you are about to get lapped, you MUST give way like they do in F1 (take out of driving line and slow down)

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