Hosting a server

Starting your own server

Select "Start Server" in the network menu. There are a number of settings you can change:

  • Master Server: Whether to advertize your server in the master server. If this is enabled, other players will be able to see your server in the server list.
  • Master Server Location: URL to the master server. Normally no need to change this. Clear this to get the default address.
  • Info: Information text other players will see about your server in the server list.
  • Max Players: Maximum number of players allowed to join. The more players you allow in, the more is required from your network connection. You can see expected requirement beside the number.
  • AI Fill: AI Fill for the game. Computer drivers are added until total number of players reaches this number (if there are AI driving lines for the track and car).
  • Continuous Reg: Whether you allow new player to join after the registration phase of the cup is over. If you disable this and have master server on, your advertizement is also removed after the registration phase.
  • Ghost Race: If ghost race is on, players cannot collide with each other.
  • Pro Mode: If pro mode is on, players get disabled (their cars lose acceleration) if they hit other players that are much ahead. If, for example, a player is being lapped and hits the lapper, the car gets disabled. Also, players cannot accelerate after having finished.

When you are ready to start your server, select "Start". See the network section for more information on how to run a server.
It is also possible to run an automatic server which does not have the overhead for graphics.