Modifying Turbo Sliders

Almost everything can be modified by text or image files but note that if you make new cars or modify existing tracks or terrains, this can cause problems with network games if all players do not have the same modifications. You will also break your old existing track records if you make significant modifications to existing tracks or cars. (You can, however, change graphics and sounds etc.)

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The sounds subdirectory contains the game samples as WAVs. You can modify or replace them. In addition to this, every car can have a distinctive motor sound.


The cars for the game are defined in the cars directory. The game automatically searches and parses all files ending with ".car". See the for the default car definitions and descriptions of the various properties that can be changed. If you want to add your own cars, create new car files, do not edit


Default graphics of the game are defined in files named *-img.png in the data directory and they can be freely modified.


The idea is that tracks packets can be compiled so that the track maker can either use the default tiles and terrains or define all by oneself. A track header contains an Include line which defines a tiles file. One can specify a custom tile file and put it in the same directory as the track or use the default, tiles.til. See data/tiles.til for the file format and more information. Try to invent such tile, image and pattern file names that they won't collide with the names that other people might invent.


The files tiles.til and terrains.ter in the data directory contain information on how to create your own terrain and tile files. If you have created your own tiles file and some png files that are used by your tiles, proceed as follows: Create a new track directory under the tracks directory. Copy your tiles file and the graphics files to that directory. Then, start editing a new track in that directory:

editor -tx 960 -ty 600 tracks/newdir/newtrack.trk

Save this track and edit the track. Using some text editor (Notepad or something else), edit the "include tiles2.til" to something else to include your own tiles file instead. Try to use file names that the others would not choose to minimize the possibility of colliding file names. Note that the tiles file and any image files it might use must be in the same directory as the track file. Save the track file, and from now on, when you open the new track with the editor, your own tiles are used:

editor tracks/newdir/newtrack.trk

NOTE: Only use file extensions trk, til and ter for data files and basic image extensions (png, gif, jpg, jpeg) for images. Otherwise, the other people may not be able to automatically download the tracks from a server.

It is also possible to include the whole ter or til file in the trk file. Just add them before any tile additions. You cannot save the track with the editor after this, though.