Server commands

There are lots of commands that can be used in a network game to change server settigs or do other things. Some features are only available to the server administrators whilst other things can be done by anyone.

Basic commands

  • (<1|0> means 1 or 0, [x] means optional x)
  • /who (lists players)
  • /laps [<val>] (shows or sets lap number)
  • /car [[<player>] <car>] (shows or sets car)
  • /cars [/add|/remove <car>] (selects possible cars if non-fixed)
  • /tracks [[/add[2]|/remove] ] (shows/adds/removes tracks, add2 can add the same track several times)
  • /tracks /clear (deselects all tracks)
  • /kick <player>|<ip> (kicks player or IP from this cup)
  • /ban [<player>|<ip>] (bans player/IP or shows bans)
  • /clearbans (clears all bans)
  • /order [<0|1|2|3|4>] (shows or sets starting order)
  • /points [<fastest> <1.> <2.> [...]] (shows or sets points)
  • /say (says a message)
  • /helpmore (shows more advanced commands)
  • /helpauto (shows autoserver related commands)
  • /version (shows server version)

More advanced commands:

  • /fixedcar [<0|1|2>] (controls having a fixed car)
  • /ghostrace [<0|1>] (controls having a ghost race)
  • /promode [<val>] (controls having pro mode on)
  • /maxplayers [<n>] (shows or sets max player number)
  • /tracks /addrnd [<n>] (adds n random tracks from the current track dir)
  • /transfers [/stop] (displays or stops current file transfers)
  • /autokick [<0|1>] (controls kicking disconnected players before race)
  • /continuousreg [<0|1>] (controls accepting new players during cup)
  • /demoplayersallowed [<0|1>] (controls whether demo players are allowed)
  • /startmode [<0|1>] (controls start mode)
  • /startpos <player> <pos> (sets player start position)
  • /master [<0|1>] (säätää, käytetäänkö pääserveriä, 1 myös päivittää tilan)
  • -/master [<0|1>] (controls using a master server, 1 also forces an update)
  • /info [<server info text>] (shows or sets server info text)
  • /helpball (shows PunaBall and team related commands)
  • /helpai (shows AI related commands)
  • /aifill [<val>] (shows or sets AI Fill)
  • /aiskill [<val>] (shows or sets AI Skill)

Automatic server related commands:

  • /autoserver [<0|1>] (controls having an automatic server)
  • /run <macro> (runs a server macro)
  • /adminmsg [<msg>] (sets or shows admin message)
  • /autotime /reg [<time>] (controls reg time)
  • /autotime /cup [<time>] (controls cup waiting time)
  • /autotime /car [<time>] (controls car selection time)
  • /autotime /raceinit [<time>] (controls race init max time)
  • /autotime /raceend [<time>] (controls race end time)
  • /autotime /raceidle [<time>] (controls max race idle time)
  • /autotime /cupend [<time>] (controls cup end time)
  • /generatestats (generates HTML record stats)
  • /addadmin <ip> <password> (adds admin rights to the IP, 'ALL' for all IPs)
  • /removeadmin <ip> (removes admin rights from the IP)
  • /admin <password> <cmd> (performs an admin command if correct IP and password)
  • /admin <password> (enters or exists admin mode)
  • /admin (shows IPs having admin rights)
  • /quit (quits the server)
  • /continue (advances the server to the next state)
  • /restart (starts restarting the server)

In addition to this, there are ball game, fuel, battle, tyre wear and drafting related commands which are explained in other sections.